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  1. Refurbished iPad Deals this Christmas

    Treating your loved ones to an iPad this Christmas is probably cheaper than you think?

    At Mac|Two we offer a range of refurbished iPads to suit all budgets but why should you consider a refurbished iPad over a new one?


    See our Christmas iPad Deals   


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  2. Video Call Family & Friends with a Refurbished iPad

    Keeping in touch with loved ones using a refurbished iPad is probably cheaper than you thought!


    Keeping in touch with friends and family has never been more important during these times. At Mac|Two we offer a range of affordable refurbished iPads, ideal for video calling or home schooling.

    Whether your preffered video calling application is FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or Teams the iPad can support them all. Its lightweight design and easy to use operating sy

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  3. Why Buy a Refurbished iMac

    Why buy a Refurbished iMac?

    refurbished imac

    At Mac|Two we offer a large range of refurbished iMacs to suit all budgets but why should you consider a refurbished iMac over a new one?

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  4. Black Friday 2019 Sale

    This year for Black Friday we will be running a one off 24 hour sale starting at Midnight on 29th November. 

    With substantial discounts on our already great value range of refurbished iMacs and refurbished iPads this is one not to miss.

    Stock is limited and once it’s gone, its gone so don’t miss out on our great offers on Refurbished iPad and Refurbished iMac.

    Take me to the sale

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  5. Why Buy a Refurbished iPad

    Why buy a Refurbished iPad?

    At Mac|Two we offer a range of refurbished iPads to suit all budgets but why should you consider a refurbished iPad over a new one?

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  6. What stands us apart from the crowd?

    What stands us apart from the crowd?

    When buying new products you know what to expect and often your main driver will be shopping around to get the best price possible for it. When looking at used and refurbished products there is no ‘ set standard’ and what one person de

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  7. Black Friday … How about All Week

    Black Friday Deals from Mac|Two

    Our Black Friday Sale starts today with further discount across our range of Used iMac, Used iPad and Used Mac Pro.

    With a free case supplied with every refurbished iPad and a free Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 supplied with every refurbished iMac we believe we offer best overall value for used and refurbished Apple products online.

    Stock is limited and once it’s gone, its gone so don’t miss out on our great offers on Refurbished iPad, Refurbished iMac and Refurbished Mac Pro.

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  8. 4, 8, 12, or 16GB RAM? Why RAM is important.

    RAM stores information that your computer can quickly access, however, once the software is closed it gets deleted. Usually the more RAM a computer has to process information, there is an improvement in system performance.

    If you're looking for a Mac to browse the internet, write documents and create spreadsheets, 4GB RAM would be perfect for your needs. Software such as Microsoft Office and internet browsers don't use a lot of RAM space so you can multi-task across different software without seeing any slowdown in your Mac's speed.

    On the other hand, if you are using the Adobe suite or other powerful software to edit photos and videos or create digital art, it is recommended to have 8GB or more. This type of creative software takes up a lot of RAM space and is recalled by the Mac a lot, so 4GB would cause a slowdown in your Mac's speed and

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  9. Time to upgrade your phone.

    We have just released four different Apple iPhones ready for next day delivery. But why would you want to purchase a refurbished phone...and from MacTwo?

    All the newly released phones are of Grade A quality, this means there's only slight wear and tear with no problems with the overall phone to distract you from the high-quality of iPhones. Combine this with great savings such as theiPhone 6s Plus 128GB that is available for £324 off (50% off) buying the phone brand new, you really are getting a bargain.

    Products available on MacTwo (besides brand new products) go through various testing and are ensured they are ready to be released. This process includes a 50-point pre-sales checklist to ensure the device is wiped of all data, set to factory default and is ready to use straight away. Plus if you are not happy with the iPhone you can contact us within

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  10. Dual or Quad-core processor? Should you get more cores?

    Quad-core processors are not twice as fast dual-core processors. Let's get that out of the way. What a quad-core processor can do is multi-task more effectively than a dual-core processor could do.

    If you are going to be using your Mac to swap between different software a lot and run multiple software that requires processing power, the quad-core processors such as Intel Core i5 2nd generation (i5-2xxx) and above will suit your needs.

    A lot of modern software can take advantage of quad-core processors such as an internet browser. Google Chrome's internet browser runs faster and can handle more background tabs before slowing the Mac down. If you are going to be working with large spreadsheets or editing multiple documents, you will also see a speed increase over a dual-core processor.

    Dual-core processors should not be mocked, if you are goi

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